C.N.A. Education Classes

NGMC/GNH offers Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A.) classes on the campus of NGMC. Classes are taught on an as needed basis as staffing needs arise at Gilmer Nursing Home. Upon completion of these class and state requirements fulfilled (pass state exam) student will meet with Director of Nursing at GNH for employment opportunities.

C.N.A. Class Process

When class is being offered, we will announce, "NOW TAKING APPLICATIONS." Complete application and submit either online or in person.
A representative from Gilmer Nursing Home will call you for an interview. Please have a working number.
You will be interviewed. Things that will be considered when choosing the candidates are: clear background check, personality, promptness, neat appearance, history of job experience, references, etc.
If chosen, the Employee Health Nurse will complete physical: TB skin test, drug screen, etc.
Classes last approximately 5 weeks. The first few weeks are classroom/lab time and the hours will be 8 am - 4 pm. The last couple weeks are clinical time and the hours are: 6:30 am - 3 pm. The classes will be Monday - Friday only. Sometimes you will be off on Monday/and or Friday.
You are allowed one absenteeism during class/clinical. This is enforced.
You will not be paid during the class. There is no fee for the class. There will be incentives to stay with NGMC after completion of the class!
You will take the state exam at our facility. This date is approximately 2 weeks after the last day of class.

If you think the class might be a good fit for you, we are always looking for bright, energetic and caring individuals. It is a great way to be a part of reaching out to others and helping them remain as independent as they can.

For further questions, 706-276-4741 ext. 6469
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