Respiratory Services

Lynda Lawrence
Respiratory Manager

North Georgia Medical Center & Gilmer Nursing Home's Respiratory Department is pleased to offer quality patient care in a compassionate, comfortable environment.

Services Provided
Pulmonary Function Testing
Tests performed include spirometry, diffusing capacity, residual volume, closing volumes, total thoracic gas volumes. Studies can be performed before or after administration of a bronchodilator to quantitate the reversibility of airway obstruction. Blood gases can be measured during exercise to evaluate hypoxemia during exertion.

Other Services
Arterial Blood Gas Testing
Nocturnal Desaturation Studies (Overnight Pulse OX)
Cardiac Event Monitoring
24 Hour Holter Monitoring
Bedside Spirometry
Patient Assessment
Ventilator Care
Patient Education
Bipap/Cpap Therapy
Cardiac Stress Testing
Sleep Studies

Ordering Outpatient Services
Procedures may be scheduled by calling the Respiratory Department at (706) 276-4741, ext. 6264. Patients must be scheduled in advance for out-patient testing.