Radiology Services

Cynthia Jones, RT
Radiology Manager

North Georgia Medical Center & Gilmer Nursing Home's Radiology Department has always been there for you and your family!

Staffed 24/7 with A.R.R.T Registered Technologists.

With one of the most comprehensive imaging centers in north Georgia, we offer the very best in modern radiology and our technologies and department are fully digital. All of our radiology equipment fulfills American College of Radiology Specifications.

Services Offered

Bone Densitometry
CT Scans
Nuclear Medicine
General Diagnostic Radiology

The Admissions Department will assist you in completing all necessary paperwork and insurance forms. You should arrive at the Admissions Department at least 30 minutes before your scheduled procedure.

Typed results of a procedure are faxed to the referring physician.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a non-invasive test, allowing physicians to look deep inside the body without the use of x-rays. The Signa Horizon MRI system from GE features the most recent advances in comprehensive diagnostic imaging. The unit creates higher resolution images than an open MRI, therefore image quality is superior. Open MRI sacrifices image quality for convenience - North Georgia Medical Center & Gilmer Nursing Home's Radiology Department is committed to quality!

Nuclear Medicine
Nuclear medicine studies scan specific organs or bones in the body to detect disease, cancer, function or dysfunction of the organ or bone. The Phillips Forte dual-head nuclear medicine camera is one of the most comprehensive and advanced nuclear systems available allowing us to attain the highest standards in diagnostic imaging. The advanced system features SPECT (single photon emission computed tomographny) which can image cross sections of organs allowing for more in-depth analysis.

Digital Mammography
Our digital mammogram machine uses compression and x-ray to image your breast, but instead of capturing the image on film as with traditional mammography, the image is captured to a computer. This makes the exam faster and uses less radiation.

Our technologist are registered in mammography and the department is accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR) and is yearly inspected by a physicist and the State of Georgia.

Fluoroscopic Unit
The Advantx R&F system from GE Medical Systems is driven by a computerized generator system. The computer's software automatically calibrates, maintains important parameters and stores hundreds of preprogrammed study protocols. This unit enhances radiographic and fluoroscopic procedures such as imaging of the large and small intestines while minimizing exposure.

Ultrasound is painless and harmless. It uses high frequency sound waves to see organs and structures in the body. Ultrasound is safe and can be used for most any part of the body.

Siemens/CT 16-Slice Spiral Scanner
The CT System allows us to obtain diagnostic results quickly. Powerful computers quickly make the system ideal, not only for routine studies, but also for emergency scans where rapid assessment of injuries can lead to faster diagnosis and treatment. We perform CT "Cat Scans" 24 hours a day with our own radiologist interpreting them as they are completed, day or night.

To better serve our patients, North Georgia Medical Center & Gilmer Nursing Home has been utilizing teleradiology since 1994. Teleradiology allows us to transmit images to radiology specialists. Our system was recently upgraded to the PACS (Picture Archiving And Communication System). PACS is a computer dedicated solely to the storage, retrieval, distribution and presentation of images. It gives North Georgia Medical Center the capability of off-site viewing and reporting in a matter of minutes after images are captured with our radiology technology.